Italian Appetizer Recipe: Olive Ascolane

This Italian cooking recipe for stuffed olives is one of the most elaborate, baroque and scrumptious food in Italy.

With this Italian appetizer recipe, the city of Ascoli pays a tribute to a staple Italian food product: olives.

Olive Ascolane Ripiene (Stuffed Olives Ascoli Style) are a labor of true love but the result is delicious.

Here is the recipe for the brave and industrious cook.


100 gr. of the biggest green olives you can find

300 gr. of lean pork

1 kg. of lean veal

100 gr. of chicken breast

100 gr. of turkey meat

150 gr. of parmesan cheese

5 eggs

olive oil

dry white wine

one onion

one carrot


bread crumbs


grated zest of one lemon

Lightly fry the finely chopped vegetable and meat. Stir in the white wine and cook for about half an hour. Cool and pass it through a food processor until the texture is smooth. Add the eggs, parmesan, nutmeg and lemon zest, adjust the salt. Stone the olives and fill each one with a little of this paste. Dust the olives with flour, dip them in a beaten egg and then in bread crumbs. Deep fry them in olive oil until golden brown.

The Olive Ascolane will make a fantastic appetizer with a cool glass of Falerio dei Colli Ascolani white wine.

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